Atari Video Computer System / 2600

INDY 500

· Scoring trickOn the Race Track games, there are 2 invisible “lines” that run down the middle of the screen.  The bottom one is the start/finish line and the top one is the halfway marker.  To score a lap, your car must cross the start/finish line, the halfway marker, and the start/finish line again, in that order (it doesn’t matter which direction you travel), but by driving in a circle between the “ends” of the lines (there is a space between the two, at both the center and edges of the screen), you’ll be credited for laps!  Two methods for quick scoring:

(1)     Drive past the start/finish line and turn and go straight down until the car wraps-around to the top of the screen.  Cross over the halfway marker, turn, and go back up.  On games 3 & 4 you have to drive a little ways past the start/finish line (before turning down) on the first “lap” before the trick works right.

(2)     The space between the two lines is about the same width (and a little higher) as the side barriers in games 3 & 4 (Devil’s Elbow track).  This trick usually won’t work right at the start- you might have to score a “normal” lap first.  If the trick isn’t working, try widening your “circle” path until it does.  Simply driving up and down the line doesn’t work.  After touching the start/finish line (and scoring), the car must clear the line completely before going up and touching the halfway marker.

· BUG: “Wrapping-around” horizontally (left & right) will turn off your score counter.  To re-activate it, simply wrap-around again.

· BUG: Line both cars up nose-to-nose so that they’re just touching, and they’ll both start crashing into each other endlessly!

· FRYING: On rare occasions, this may result in creating larger cars!  {Tony Roy}


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