Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· After level 20, the word “PRO” appears.

· At 1 million points, the game ends and the score counter displays ”!!!!!!!!”.

· The game will only remember the placement or state of certain interactive objects 1 room from the room you’re in.  For example, if you trip a lantern off or destroy a barrier in a room, move 1 room back (in the direction of the original starting point), and move back, the lantern will be off, but if you move 2 rooms back and go back, the lantern will be back on and the barrier will reappear.  However, if you move from the room you’re in 2 rooms down (or closer to the miner) and move back, any enemies, barriers, or lanterns will have disappeared from that room (in fact, all the rooms from that point back to the beginning will be affected like this)!  {David Britten}

· The SECAM version has French text onscreen.

· FRYING: When you see a stranded miner and a spider, but no hero, let the power run out.  The game will then start normally, except you’ll have approximately 250 reserve heroes! {Scott Stilphen}

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