Atari Video Computer System / 2600

HALO 2600

· BUG: In certain areas, pushing against the border at the edge of 2 connected screens while tapping the joystick diagonally will warp you to different screens, and even to the end!  Programmer Ed Fries calls this bug “Magic Land” and intentionally left it in the game.  From Ed: “". I was working on a bug with the boss encounter and accidentally found myself completely outside the 64 room map. I was wandering through memory that was never intended to be interpreted as part of the map but the code was doing the best it could to interpret what was being thrown at it. Strange, misshapen monsters attacked me in even stranger ways as I wandered through this bizarre land that I had unintentionally created. I left a bug or two in the final game to allow others to find and explore this strange landscape as I did.

· BUG: On the 1st end screen, if you push down against the bottom border, green bars appear on both the top and bottom barriers.  If you try to push against the top barrier, you’ll pass through the barrier!  This can also be done in “Legendary mode” (in repeat encounters with Master Chief), although the barrier will be deadly once you disappear off the top of the screen.

· BUG: In the room with the second gun, if a shield is present and picked up, you may be killed.

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