Atari Video Computer System / 2600


EASTER EGG: The initials “BS” (for Brad Stewart) appear in the flame animation (picture #1).  {Todd Rogers}

· A smiley face also appears in the flame animation (picture #2).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: On game #9, once you reach the top, some graphics glitches may appear, depending on the way or how many seconds you beat each wave, along with the level of the building as it rises.  The level counter will briefly show “85” (or what resembles the letters “BS”) and then the first character will become garbled (picture #3).  When you climb the ladder, the fire fighter jumps off to the right but above the ladder (picture #3). He then returns to the ladder and you continue.  After beating this level, you are at the top of a leveled building (picture #4) and the level counter changes to “1”. In this alternative level 1, you can’t save the victim (picture #5).  If you let time run out to 99:99, you’ll see a screen where everything is blacked out except the building itself (picture #6)! If you look close enough you can see the fire fighter “imbedded” in the building in the lower-right corner (where he would normally be).  The game will then end.  {Todd Rogers}


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