Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Scoring: In all mazes, you can score 60 points for finishing the maze, depending on how long it takes you. In maze 1, you can score at least 41 points on the agility test. In maze 2, the test subtracts the number of incorrect moves from the number of correct moves and divides the result by 4. Theoretically, the max score depends on how fast your system can register joystick moves. The maximum score in the recall test is 36. 8 points seems to be the maximum for a landing - multiply that by 5 (assuming you can land 5 perfect times) for a total of 40.  When you finish the game, you get 100 points right away, plus 50 points for each difficulty switch that was set to A. So, slow stalkers and ten lives earns you 100 points, fast stalkers/ten lives gets you 150, slow stalkers/six lives gets you 150, and fast stalkers/six lives (the only way I ever play) gets you 200. Here is the game’s rating system:

Quaint 0-99
Promising 100-199
Amusing 200-299
Intriguing 300-399
Impressive 400-499
Awesome 500-599
Cheating 600-699
? 700-?

· BUG: On level 5, sometimes the stalker will wrap-around from top to bottom.  {Jeff Adkins}

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