Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Walker double-kill trick – If you have a rapid-fire controller you can destroy a walker twice and be awarded double points.  Every 8 shots weakens it one color, and 48 shots destroys it. If you can hit it 8 more times (after the 48th hit) before it disintegrates you'll effectively “destroy” it twice (I even came within 1 shot of destroying it 3 times, but it may be due to a programming limitation). If you save your last shot for a bomb hatch (before doing this trick) you’ll get over 250 points for a single walker. To do it, get as close as possible to a yellow (weak) walker and hold the FIRE button down. {Scott Stilphen}

· Pause trick – Hold RESET down when starting a game.  Let go when you want to pause it.  Press FIRE or move the joystick in any direction to resume (your ship will be back at the power generator).  Note- this can only be done once per game.  {Tony Roy}

· Holding down RESET and SELECT at power up causes the theme music to play slightly slower.  {Tony Roy}

· The score counter flips at 10,000.

· BUG: You don’t get a point for the 48th (kill) shot on a walker by destroying it normally (97 instead of 98), but if you destroy it by hitting the bomb hatch you’ll be credited for that shot (101). {Scott Stilphen}

· FRYING: May create walkers that walk backwards, super-fast walkers, and even a walker-free planet!  Scoring glitches also appear. {Jens von der Heide and Scott Stilphen}

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