Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· This game was originally planned to have 256 levels but it was never finished.  Also, the difficulty ramps up so fast that there’s no way to complete level 13 without using the wrap-around cheat (below). 

· BUG: Barrier trick - line the car’s hood up to the right side of a barrier, and then tap the joystick either UP or DOWN. The car will continue to crash until you move the joystick LEFT or RIGHT.  If you hold it UP or DOWN, the car will move in the opposite direction (while still crashing).  If this is done in either the top or bottom-right corners (picture #1), the car will eventually move off-screen! {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: Short-cuts - when the “barrier” trick is done in the bottom corner, keep pushing up.  The car will disappear and the screen will start scrolling up.  When you reach the top, the car will reappear and you can quickly drive into the jail!  For an even faster short-cut, set up the screen as shown below (picture #2).  Push UP until the car crashes 3 times, then move LEFT off of the barrier.  This will stop the screen from scrolling down.  Now move under the center barrier, and drive straight down off the screen.  The car actually wraps-around and hits the jail off-screen, ending the level! Using the cheat will get you beyond level 13, up to level 19, but when you go to start level 20, the game will reset back to the title screen!  {Scott Stilphen}

· The barrier trick can also be used to get inside the jail, or inside other areas (picture #3).  While on top of a barrier, pushing in one direction will move the car the opposite way.  If you try to wrap-around from right to left, you’ll notice some strange glitches.  One thing you’ll see is the white sprite underneath your car (that composes the rebel flag on your roof ) will separate from the car! {Scott Stilphen}

· On level 1, sit beneath the pool of water.  If timed right, you’ll get to see the police car continually sink himself! {Scott Stilphen}

· It was thought the flashing square on level 3 (picture #4) related to the red “+” area in the center (perhaps allowing you to jump over it), but the only thing that happens when you drive over it is any pursing police car will turn away.  You can also sit between the square and the center and the police car will never come after you.

· On levels 18 and 19, the police car’s AI basically resets back to the least aggressive.

· BUG: If you sit on either side of the bottom island (picture #5), the police car can’t “see” you!  {Scott Stilphen)

· BUG: On higher levels of the game, the police car can actually drive through nails and even barriers, if he’s close enough to you (picture #6).

· FRYING: Get a screen with the car jumping.  You’ll then get 1,390 points and start on level 1. {Scott Stilphen}


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