Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Fireballs can be somewhat “controlled” or influenced as to which direction they move (and on higher levels, whether or not they move or remain in place).  This is done by pushing either UP or DOWN while standing on a platform.

· Fireballs can jump rivet holes during any time in a game, although the more aggressive they are, the greater the chance they will. You can also use the technique of influencing them to either increase or decrease the chances of this happening.

· Infinite lives can be obtained by using a hex editor and changing the value at offset $606 ($c6) with $a5.

· BUG: Although the manual mentions fireballs can jump rivet holes, the fact that they can was most likely a programming glitch since this doesn’t happen in the arcade version.

· BUG: At certain points in the game, fireballs will “shake” or become very aggressive (such as when you reach 80k). 2 of the fireballs (the ones the platforms above and below the hammer one) will be much more aggressive than the others. The reason is the game wasn't designed to be played past 100k because the table that determines the behavior of the barrels and fireballs only has room for 10 values, and the last 2 values in the table are "FF" (the highest hexidecimal value possible). This shows the programmer tried to make it as hard as possible for the player once they reached 80k b/c there wasn't room left for any more if they reached 100k.  The values used from 100k and on are bits of actual code from other parts of the program (outside the table). {Garry Kitchen}

· BUG: On some of the harder difficulty levels you may see instances where 2 barrels will be on the same level (especially on the bottom one), which will distort the graphics of the first one.  To see an example of this, from any ramp screen with the hardest difficulty (such as at 80k) go immediately underneath the hammer (picture #1).  Wait until a barrel passes you (down the ladder), grab the hammer and go right (hitting 1 barrel) and stop to the right of the 1st ladder.  The next barrel will come down that ladder, and eventually catch up to the last one, on the next-to-last level (picture #2).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: On the ramp screen, if you jump when a barrel is about to roll off the end of a ramp, it will disappear!  {Scott Stilphen}


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