Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· At 300,000, “Amazing!” appears on the top of the screen and the game stops (picture #1). 

· It’s easier to just jump over the walls and ignore trying to swim through the holes. {Russ Perry Jr.}

· If you reach the “Amazing!” plateau while you have the seagull power-up, when the game goes into the attract mode a few seconds later, you’ll hear and see the power-up wearing off.

· BUG: Earning 111 free dolphins - Play a 2-player game.  Kill off all of player 2’s dolphins and achieve “Amazing!” with player 1.  Player 2 will then be resurrected and given 400 points and 111 dolphins (picture #2)! The reserve counter won’t show a number at this point until you lose a dolphin, and you can’t have more than 111 in reserve.  The trick here is to lose at least 13 dolphins before you reach 20k (the counter will actually show “0” when you reach 100), “un-rolling” the counter so that it shows 98; if you don’t, you won’t be able to unroll the counter after that and you’ll lost 100 dolphins - unless you don’t lose ANY dolphins, keeping the counter numberless!  You also don’t want the counter at 99 when you earn another dolphin because the counter will reset back to 0, leaving you with none (picture #3)!  If you reach “Amazing!” with player 2, player 1 will be resurrected and given 111 dolphins and 123k+ points!  Repeat the same procedure you did with player 2, killing off enough dolphins before reaching a score to earn another one (in this case, 140k), and being careful to stay under 99.  Note that you won’t be credited with swimming through any holes until either you or the squid hit a wave first (and when you do, chances are the score counter will be slightly garbled – picture #4).  In fact, the score counter will continue to say “Amazing!” until you earn points, and if you get killed, you’ll effectively get to restart.  The only difference this time is you’ll face a barrage of seahorse walls, usually around 270k-280k!  As of yet, no one has been able to complete a 3rd “Amazing!”. {Russ Perry Jr. and Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: If player 2 has its last dolphin remaining when player 1 reaches the “Amazing!” plateau the game will just end!  {Scott Stilphen}


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