Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Scoring routine - each screen is worth 64 points, plus 8 bonus points.  After every “wave” (1 slow single car, 1 fast single car, 3 slow double cars), the order repeats, but a reserve car is lost (if you have none left, the game ends)!  Maximum number of points is 1080 (counter rolls over at 1000). {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: Hit SELECT as the last dot is cleared.  The computer car will then drive straight up the screen and the game resets (see picture)! {Scott Stilphen}

· RUMOR: On game 1, 1-player mode, when there are 2 computer cars, at a certain point the screen goes blank and the game crashes.  This may only happen on certain (7800?) systems.



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