Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· EASTER EGG: On wave 25, hold a human at the approximate height where your ship first appears (actually the 25th line of resolution on the TV) and any enemy ships on-screen will turn into the initials “BP” (for Bob Polaro – picture #1).  {Keith Vestal or Michael Dewe?}

· If you stop while a Baiter is above you, it will move down and stop right above your ship. {Thomas Greenberg}   If you keep lightly tapping UP you can actually move the Baiter to the top of the screen (picture #2)! {Scott Stilphen}

· When your ship fires, it disappears.  The ship and the laser fire can’t both be on the screen at the same time.  If you fire constantly, you can pass over any object as though you were invisible (picture #3).

· By using the top or bottom edges of the screen, you can hide yourself from view.  This also makes an effective pause (picture #4).  {Mike Neel}

· The game is easier to play flying to the left.  When shooting Pods, Swarmers tend to appear to the left of where the Pod was.  {Stanford Linn}

· You should leave the Bomber for last.  If you get killed, your next ship will face the Bomber rather than a more dangerous enemy.

· BUG: A byte rollover bug exists if you earn 256 reserve ships, at which point the counter will reset to 0.

· FRYING: Creates a wave “0” and also gives you approximately 250 reserve ships! {Scott Stilphen}

· FRYING: Fry until the game starts (automatically) with only bombers on the screen. You get killed, but don't lose lives.



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