Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· Some graphics from Galaxian are in the code, specifically the players ship and one of the Galaxians! According to GCC programmer Mark S. Ackerman, game data tables were usually partially overwritten with data tables from other games, in an effort to save bytes. The ship is between 0cb8 – 0cc5; the Galaxian is between 0eed – 0ef6.

· BUG: Incompatible with some 7800 systems.  PAL carts also have a problem with the title screen (on PAL 7800 systems).

· FRYING: Get an empty screen to appear, with a scorpion (with sound effects) going across the bottom.  If you push DOWN, your “cursor” will appear from the top of the screen.  If you push (and hold) UP, the game will eventually crash (picture #1), which changes the background color and causes the scoring digits to be backwards (pictures #2, #3, and #4), as well as the title screen lettering (picture #6).  Other anomalies that may appear are screen edge borders (pictures  #2 and #5) and distorted title screens (picture #6).  {Tony Roy and Scott Stilphen}


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