Atari Video Computer System / 2600


EASTER EGG: The initials BP AJM (for Bob Polaro and Allen J. Murphy see picture) are hidden in the game (both versions).  On level 11, get shot while jumping to the right. {Mark Darmofal}

There are 16 different screens.  The colors (at the bottom) are: red green blue orange lt. green lt. orange purple yellow lt. blue/green blue green black black black lt. green black.

BUG: There's also some "safe areas" in both versions. In the 1st version, you can stand at either the left or right screen edge and Elmer can't hit you (if you're on the right side, you'll see his bullet wrap-around the edge a few times on the way down!)

BUG: On the 2nd version, you can sit at the left side on the lower levels. When Elmer reaches the left side, he'll wrap-around to the right! You're not safe on the right side. If you sit on the right side, he'll stay inside the house and shoot through it (and hit you)!


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