Atari Video Computer System / 2600


· You cannot be killed if you’re standing on a popped Bubble Eater (i.e. the glowing spot) and it recovers.  It has to jump off that step and jump back to kill you. {Scott Stilphen}

· If you jump towards a Bubble Eater a split-second before he’s about to jump towards you, he’ll jump away from you!  By doing this, you can actually chase him around the board, but be careful when he’s on the top row because sometimes he will hesitate and simply stay put, allowing you to jump into him. {Scott Stilphen}

· By holding down either LEFT+RIGHT or UP+DOWN you can move your character off the playing field (see picture)!  The “alignment” between your character and your actual position on the board will then be off.  If you manage to finish the board, the alignment will be correct on the next one. Starting a new game or hitting RESET will also correct it.  If the game ends with this misalignment, it will still be present during the demo mode. This trick also causes a Bubble Eater’s demise to occasionally take longer. {Matthias David}

· The score counter rolls at 100,000; the highest possible score to have (onscreen) is 99,995.

· The level counter rolls back to level 1 after completing level 6.

· BUG: If you are killed while holding the joystick in one direction, your next life (i.e. “Bubble”, if any are left) will automatically take one jump in that direction. {Scott Stilphen}


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