CGE 2k4 Keynotes

One of the unique features of Classic Gaming Expo is its two-day schedule of videogaming's icons and legends. The pioneers of our favorite hobby share their experiences about those early days of this industry, their interaction with their associates and management, and the challenge of going where no one had gone before.

 Presented here are the full recordings from this show.
Note: recordings are in both high and low quality audio, but note that even the low quality is very listenable!

Activision Founders and Friends: Activision is the company that founded "third party developers" and still exists today.

Speakers: David Crane, Alan Miller, Bob Whitehead and Larry Kaplan as well as siblings Dan Kitchen and Garry Kitchen.

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Steve Wozniak keynote: "Woz" had a major part in shaping the computing industry with his design of Apple's first line of products the Apple I and II, and influenced the popular Macintosh.

Speaker: Steve Wozniak.

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Intellivision panel: Atari rivals and masterful creative talents made Intellivision a force to be reckoned with. The company is still very much alive and creating their magic on a number of new platforms.

Speakers: Keith Robinson, Mike Minkoff, Ray Kaestner, Peter Kaminsky, John Sohl, Karen Nugent, Bill Fisher, Steven Roney, Joe King and Dave Warhol.

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Coin-Op Masters: If you ever played an arcade game in the 1980's chances are you played one of theirs.

Speakers: Ed Logg, Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin, Franz Lanzinger, Howard Delman, Dave Ralston and Dennis Koble.

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Fairchild Channel F panel: Jerry Lawson is the mastermind behind "the programmable cartridge" and designed the world's first cartridge-based system. Rick Maurer wrote many of the games for that system.

Speakers: Jerry Lawson and Rick Maurer.

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Atari: Beginning to End: From Atari's founding members to the last man to walk out the door, listen to this timeline of the company shared by the very men who experienced and influenced it.

Speakers: Al Alcorn, Steve Mayer, Bill Reebok, John Skruch.

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Imagic's Magic: One of the largest and most successful third-party developers of the 1980's, Imagic created a plethora of entertaining and creative games for many home consoles.

Speakers: Dave Johnson, Mark Klein, Michael Becker, Brad Stewart and Rob Fulop.

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Mike Rounds (Entex) keynote: Game collectors know Entex best for the elusive AdventureVision system, but the company did so much more. Many a secret is shared by former Entex exec Mike Rounds.

Speaker: Mike Rounds.

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Atari Programmer panel: Here are the guys who lit up many a youngster's life in the 1980's and remained in the industry for many years after Atari's rise. If you ever played an Atari system, you've probably played their games.

Speakers: Steve Woita, Dan Hitchens, Jim Huether, Keithen Hayenga, Bob Polaro, Howard Scott Warshaw and Rick Maurer.

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Sente: Life After Atari: Learn the inside story of this Nolan Bushnell-produced post-Atari project that gave birth to a number of memorable games.

Speakers: Lee Actor, Ed Rotberg, Roger Hector and Dennis Koble.

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Vectrex panel: The first (and still ONLY) vector home game console was also portable. Hardware guru Gerry Karr and software guru Paul Newell tell all. Sadly, the quality of this particular audio is lacking.

Speakers: Gerry Karr and Paul Allen Newell.

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