Virtual Classic Gaming Expo

If you cannot attend ClassicGaming Expo, we'll do our best to bring it to you. A live webcast (in stillsphotos), sounds and images from CGE past, forum contests and more are availableto get you a little closer to the show from your home. This will also be oursummarized recap of the show, bringing you online and print coverage.


Click the webcam image to the right to check out what the CGE CAM caught this year - it ran the entire weekend snapping candid shots from the Digital Press booth!

Click below for stills from
CGE 2004!

for a live view of the event

click to see what CGE CAM sees


It may not be quite the same as being there, but we did upload a few of our favorite keynote speeches from last year for your listening pleasure.

The keynotes provide both an accurate and candid view of the videogame industry as told through the words of gaming's legends.

Special thanks to Zach Meston for recording CGE2k4's keynotes.

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One of the things people look forward to at the Expo is the release of new homebrews and "rumor mill" titles offered for the very first time. Virtual CGE is no different.

Have some fun with CGE 2002 releases Crack'ed, Pick-Up and Save the Whales, and CGE 2003 releases Rush Hour, Looping, and Entity!


Every year, CGE Music Coordinator Seth Sternberger organizes a troupe of talented musicians to play live at CGE. Here's a sample of two of this year's performers, 8-Bit Weapon and Digital Retro Revival. You can get more 8-Bit Weapon, Tony Fox NYC, The Minibosses and firestARTer, who are all CGE past performers, HERE.

8-Bit Weapon: M.U.L.E (Bitblaster Mix)
If M.U.L.E. doesn't get your feet tappin', this remix certainly will. This was the song that got us hoppin' to get Seth and his band out to CGE to play LIVE!

Tony Fox NYC: Humanoid Master
This song does NOT appear on the "I Am Humanoid" CD, it's an MP3 exclusive. If you happen to be a professional wrestler looking for an entrance song, you might want to look up Tony for this one. Really gets ya charged up for his other music!


It's a one-of-a-kind display the likes of which can only come together like this once a year. Courtesy of Digital Press, witness 2004's museum of over 1500 items, many of which are rare, priceless, and only appear at CGE!

Enter the CGE Museum!
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