Bored, bored, BORED! It's time to break out an old favorite and start making new, INTERESTING games out of it. Better still, let's see if we can BREAK the games by breaking the rules! Digital Press has often been dubbed the "naughty gamer" site... who better than our own Kristine Roper to demonstrate why that is so?

Not-so-Final Fantasy X

The main problem with many RPG's is that once you’ve beaten the game there’s very little incentive to ever play it again (this is especially true if you’ve managed to discover all the game’s secrets). Most RPG's are also extremely linear with very little room for alternate game playing, but Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2 is an exception.

The Collector Challenge – Grab a list of weapons and items from HERE. Now as you play the game, try to find every item on the list. But here’s the tricky part…you must have at least one of every item when you finish the game or else you lose the challenge.

Chocobo Obstacle Course – Play until you reach the Calm Lands and beat the little mini-game that’ll let you ride a Chocobo. Once done, you can now ride the Chocobo across the area. As you’re exploring, notice that there are several “landmarks” scattered throughout (a wrecked piece of Machina, a strange formation jutting from the ground, and so on). Mark down the locations of these landmarks (as few or as many as you want, depending on how hard you want to challenge yourself). Your goal for this challenge is to race from the save point in front of the tents all the way to the monster arena on the east side and back, touching each of your chosen landmarks. Time yourself and see how fast you can do it. (And of course, if you have a friend or two nearby, have them try it as well for bragging rights.)

Run Coward – Once Tidus learns the Flee skill early on, your goal is to run from every monster encounter. You are only allowed to fight bosses. You may still steal from monsters, but you cannot fight them.

The Weakest Link – Only one character (your choice) is allowed to use the Sphere Grid. The others must still sit on their original spot throughout the game. You may still use items and Aeons to give you at least a fighting chance.

I’ve Only Rented This for Two Days – Blow through the game as fast as possible. Don’t waste time leveling up or looking for gil. Skip the side quests and keep hitting the X button to skip through dialogues. How fast can you beat the game?

Can’t We All Just Get Along? – During combat, one character (your choice) MUST attack another member of your party instead of whatever it is you’re up against. Do you choose Yuna because of her weak attacks and skip any Aeon summoning or healing, or do you have Auron repeatedly kill a party member over and over while the third hurts the bad guys? Decisions, decisions…

Limitations – During combat, each party member is restricted to doing one particular action (your choice). For example, Auron may only attack, Yuna may only use Pray, Rikku may only use items, Khimari may only use Lancet, Lulu must cast the most powerful spell in her arsenal, and so on. Set your limitations before starting a new game too.

Power Gamer – It’s tough and boring as hell, but it’s possible to power up your characters to the max before leaving Besaid. (Of course, you’ll eventually be blocked by Key Spheres and will have to move on…) Once done and it’s impossible to advance any further, move on to the next area and repeat the process. Prepare to spend the next six weeks doing this. ;)

Al Bhed Conversations – Ok, this isn’t really an option in the game, but once you’ve figured out the cipher behind the Al Bhed language you can use it in “real” life among your friends. You think speaking Klingon is the ultimate in geekiness? Speak Al Bhed!

Final Fantasy X Drinking Game – Take a shot whenever a character performs an “Overkill,” Auron says “Enough,” or Wakka says “Booyah!”

Well there you have it, a few ways to keep FFX interesting. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start up Final Fantasy X-2, I heard there’s more girls…

Hope you’ve found some of those gameplay methods interesting and/or entertaining, and stay tuned for next time when I drag another tired old game out of the closet and examine it in ways no one else has before. I’m always open to game suggestions!

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